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In the western continent, there are only a few acquaintances of the fat man. Those who can call out the code name of Sanwuxing Ben II should be the people on the Titan. Turning his head, the fat man laughed. "I didn't expect to meet you here.". What a coincidence! The voice called the fat man, it is the head of the bear mercenary regiment male violence, after hearing the words of the fat man, male violence laughed, pushed away a few seemingly fierce, in fact useless characters, in the other side of the frightened eyes, went to the fat man beside their carriage, "I thought I was wrong at first, but I think in the western continent, there should not be many young people in the eastern continent." Sure enough, it's you! You are also going to the Warcraft Forest. With the master of your Escort Agency, you should be able to gain something. Unlike us, you are going to try your luck. Hear the words of male violence, the fat man also guessed something, "recently many people will go to the Warcraft Forest?"? Are these people, too? Xiong Bao looked at the fat man in surprise, and now he didn't seem to be faking it, so he explained, "Don't you know?"? Recently, the Warcraft Forest has been crazy. It is said that the treasure of the most prosperous magic civilization is buried there. The famous forces in the western continent will go to find the treasure. After we finish the task. Also did not go to pick up the task, want to go to the Warcraft forest to bump into luck, but now even people who do not have the strength,DIN screw plug, also follow the fun, want to gamble on luck, they do not think, even if they are lucky, found the treasure, others can let them bring out ah! When the fat man heard this, he immediately understood that for him, the word "treasure" contained great power. It was more powerful than the profiteers in the Valley of Swords. There were two people in the carriage whose eyes were bright. One was Xiao Lian En. The books he had read described that many people were looking for treasures. There were a lot of excitement to see that it was the most normal thing Think of the western mainland all forces will go, that kind of spectacular scene small Lian En feel blood boiling. And there is also an eye is also bright,metal stamping parts, that is, and the fat man has a common hobby of two rest, originally he was watching the upgraded version of Jin Ping Mei Yu Pu Tuan, but after hearing the word treasure, the attention shifted to come over, before in Xiangguo Temple, he dreamed of treasure hunting, did not expect that opportunities often come when everyone is not prepared. Ha ha, we do not know this matter, originally wanted to go to the Warcraft forest to hunt some Warcraft, with the magic crystal for a little money, did not expect to encounter such a grand event. Although the fat man was excited, his face did not show it. It seems that the treasure has no attraction for him. Xiongba may not be able to distinguish after decades of practice. "Then you should be careful when you go to hunt Warcraft. When you arrive at the Warcraft Forest, there must be a lot of big forces. They are all unreasonable people. We will go first now.". Let's try our luck before many powerful people go. Xiongba compared the degree of the carriage and offered to leave, because there were more people, walking faster than the degree of the carriage. Thank you for reminding me! After the fat man said goodbye to the people of the bear mercenary regiment, he looked at the people in the carriage and wanted to hear their opinions. Small Lian Enyan, titanium machining parts ,car radiator cap, "Fat brother, don't wait, step up the degree of rush, if we go to the Warcraft Forest, others have divided the treasure, there will be no lively and good-looking!" Hearing what Xiao Lian En said, Erxiu also stared at the fat man closely, needless to say, he knew what he meant. As for Long Fei and Nian Ran, they were not interested in the treasure. Harry thought about it carefully and thought about the strength of the group. "Our line-ups can go to the Warcraft Forest, even if we can't get the treasure, we can get away with it, and this kind of thing can't be done in a short time, so we don't have to be in such a hurry." Because of Harry's words, everyone calmed down and drove the carriage slowly towards the front, even if it was difficult to mention, after all, there were too many people around. Following the tide of the crowd, the fat man walked for a long time, and finally there was a split road, one was the way to Little Lian's home, St. Cabin. One does not know where to go, but in the end, it must be the Warcraft Forest.
Fatty they turn "Chuan" to Ben Kaibin's road, the person bosom is not less than a few, is to the fatso's training Chuan Jin. It is now much slower to drive in the opposite direction than to begin to conform to the crowd. Fortunately, it will not take long to reach St. Cabin. Otherwise, everyone will be driven crazy if we go on at this speed. By listening to the conversations of the people around them, they learned something about the people of St. Cabin, who also went to the Warcraft Forest in groups to get the treasure. These people compared to the beginning of the stream of people, the strength is much higher, almost no kind of people without strength, and most of the energy fluctuations in the body, and the nature of small Lian En, magicians occupy most. On the way, Harry told them in detail about the situation of Little Lien's family. Although Little Lien knew that his family had some strength, he did not have the nature of a dandy. In his young heart, he did not deliberately write down these things to frighten others, so his understanding of his family was even better than that of an outsider. The Kempin Empire, one of the most powerful countries in the western continent. The reason why it is powerful is that it has the largest number of magicians in the western continent. A single magician may not play a big role in the battle between the two armies, but if the number of magicians is large, it is a terrible weapon of destruction. It can use magic to attack places from a long distance, and even unite multiple magicians of the same department to release more powerful magic. Everyone in the West knows that the Empire of Light is untouchable because they have the Church of Light, and the Kaibin Empire is untouchable because they have the Wattshog School of Wizardry. Tizhogg School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, located in the capital of the Kempin Empire, St. Kempin, they have the best teachers in the Western Continent, no matter what department of magic instructors, and even some people study necromancy, of course, only academic research, because of this, the relationship between the Kempin Empire and the Light Empire has not been very good, in the Light Empire, Tizhogg School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students. No matter how powerful it is,CNC machining parts, it can not be reused, and in the Kempin Empire, the glory of the Church of Light can not shine in. autoparts-dx.com


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