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Qi Miaoyi's facial expression is very ugly, he only then understood until now, originally Wei Huaisheng, from has been looking at his joke! …… Really &…… @%&…… @&%…… (Omitting five hundred words of profanity..) "Are you all right?" Embarrassed, Luo Jing held Qi Miaoyi, who was still dizzy, and asked in a gentle voice, "Can you walk now?"? There are vacant rooms in the villa and you must have a good rest. "Then I'll trouble you, Sister Jing." Qi Miaoyi raised his head and gave Luo Jing a weak smile. In an instant, Luo Jing was shocked by the misty tax mist and grievance in the eyes of the beautiful young man in front of her, and then the maternal love complex in her heart suddenly flooded. She lovingly helped Qi Miaoyi walk to the villa, constantly accusing Wei Huaisheng of being wrong. Qi Miaoyi had a weak and aggrieved look on his face, but in his heart he greeted all the male relatives of Wei Huaisheng as he walked. His love for Wei Huaisheng's beauty had already turned into resentment. The author has something to say: Trailer for the next three episodes: "Lotus Lantern" casting officially began, Qi Miaoyi also encountered the first trouble in his life! Fight scene! Fight scene! Or real knives and guns! One is not good, he will be hospitalized. Is it so troublesome to choose an angle for Mao? PS: I built a group, the group number is 108272368, want to communicate with me or give advice, come in ha.. By the way, I don't think this chapter is well written. Ling, I never said that every time a new male character comes out, he will attack! 27 27. Leave Note.. Because of this Saturday's Mandarin second class test,calcium nitrate sol, next week's English third class test, the final exam on the 21st, and the holiday on the 25th to go home for two days, so the update in June can not be guaranteed, take care of yourself! I will update on the 6th.. Try your best. Chapter 28 VIP Chapter 28 CCTV headquarters. When Qi Miaoyi arrived in the capital of Beijing by Wei Huaisheng's helicopter, it was already past three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. In this trip without the slightest psychological preparation of the flying trip, Qi Miaoyi because of Wei Huaisheng's "clumsy" driving skills,dap diammonium phosphate, airsickness is very serious, can not stay in Wei Huaisheng's villa for one night. God knows how much Qi Miaoyi's heart rejected being with Wei Huaisheng after he learned that he had been ridiculed, and even his residence did not want to stay much longer. Unfortunately, Peng Xiao had already solved the problem of where he would live in Beijing before the beginning, and Wei Huaisheng promised to take good care of him during Qi Miaoyi's stay in Beijing. Wei Huaisheng will certainly "take good care" of Qi Miaoyi, from the beginning he let Qi Miaoyi have a good experience of the joy of flying. What swooping, swaying from side to side, drifting up and down.. That action is for fun. Qi Miaoyi felt that Wei Huaisheng enjoyed himself very much. It's just that this happiness is not what he likes. Well, let's get down to business.. These days, every A-list star has four or five luxury houses, and Wei Huaisheng, the best actor, is no exception. But Wei Huaisheng's mansion is located in Area a with a deep background in the suburbs of the capital, and private helicopters can land directly without interrogation, which has to be thought-provoking. Originally wanted to revenge by Wei Huaisheng tease Qi Miaoyi, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide price, lying in bed weighing the pros and cons for a long time, finally decided to swallow their pride-_-| | | Well. Anyway, it was just a harmless little joke, and he didn't suffer any loss, but his heart was a little overloaded, he was a little more frightened, he vomited all his breakfast and lunch, and his legs were weak after he got off the helicopter. It's just.
Apart from these, there is nothing to care about, and on the bright side, he is actually the younger brother of the movie king Wei Huaisheng! Although the people of the same company can also be said to be brothers of the same school, but after all, they are both brought out by Peng Xiao, the relationship is a little closer, maybe he will look at Peng Xiao's face in the circle to help himself more. But maybe you'll make yourself even worse. Thinking over and over for a long time, Qi Miaoyi sadly found that for this Wei Huaisheng, who had only met twice, his heart had unconsciously produced a sense of oppression, probably because of acting skills, or because of other reasons. In fact, Qi Miaoyi always has an upward mood to catch up with and surpass people whose acting skills are better than his own, but for Wei Huaisheng. I had seen him shoot Quicksand before, in which he played Chang Hai, which impressed him deeply. Later, he looked for a lot of Wei Huaisheng's works one after another. After reading them, Qi Miaoyi came to the conclusion dejectedly that with his current acting skills, he simply could not reach the level of Wei Huaisheng. Especially after learning that he was Wei Huaisheng's junior fellow apprentice, Qi Miaoyi had a detailed and detailed understanding of Wei Huaisheng's information. After reading his gossip news, shooting tidbits, behind-the-scenes reports and so on, he came to a conclusion once again: Wei Huaasheng's acting skills are really too powerful. Every gesture, every smile is a play. For example, if his acting skills are now emotionally involved in the play, then Wei Huaisheng's acting skills are role possession, so perfect that he is any role he plays, both inside and outside the play is like a demon, and his greatest feature is that he can get out of the role soon after filming, never because he is too deeply involved in the play. Xiaoxiao Sasa is like a game of life. Of course, these are what he got from some news interviews, interviews, and information from gossip weeklies. Perhaps Wei Huaisheng is not so magical, but his acting skills are indeed more than one level higher than his own, which can be felt from his works. Especially when he sees a real person again, the invisible pressure from the movie king makes Qi Miaoyi feel more real. Whoo, when a person is only one level above you, you will be motivated and want to catch up. But when a person is N grades behind you,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, when you want to catch up with him, the pressure is not generally great. Wei Huai Sheng. What kind of person is he? Sometimes gentle and elegant like a noble son, and then quietly playing tricks on an unknown person. Someone in a daze guessed at the moment when he fell asleep. Could it be an alien. stargrace-magnesite.com


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